Bill Gates
Eve of 21 th century to hit us endless stream of talking and Reasoning on the information superhighway (information highway) and the coming era of technology. Today, Bill Gates, a man who post roil Microsoft and turned it into one of the most prosperous companies world ra, wants to share his vision of what awaits us in the near time neither. His book is to view bird's eye view on the unknown land, for information highway will be held soon, authoritative, budo- razhaschy imagination and easily readable guide to the future.
Now that the computers available at a price and can research to use in everyday life, we stand on the threshold of a new revolution. It has been associated with an unprecedented cheaper connection, all the computers will be gradually connected with each other, to communicate with us and for us. Globally interconnected, they form a grand network, the so-called cor information highway (information highway). Its direct ancestor -